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Agriculture Division

Our Role in Agriculture
The programs that the Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures administers are essential, protecting the agricultural resources and the environment is crucial in San Bernardino County. Agriculture remains a critical component of the economy in San Bernardino County. The strength of agriculture is contributed to the diversity of agricultural crops produced in our county.

  • Our department produces an annual crop report every year detailing the revenue generated by various agricultural industries operating within our county.
  • We identify diseases and pests and that affect commercial growers to residential gardeners, such as the Medfly and Huanglongbing (HLB) and issue quarantines in conjunction with the California Department of Food & Agriculture.
  • We register and certify Farmers Market producers that operate at farmers markets across the county.

Weights & Measures Division

Our Role in Weights & Measures
Our programs promote fair business practices. We annually inspect commercially used weighing or measuring devices and after the device passes the official tests, we place a “seal” on the device showing the consumer that it was accurate on the date of testing.

  • Our department tests and inspects consumer scales at retailers, such as grocery stores and delis.
  • We inspect large commercial scales, such as concrete and shipping businesses and companies.
  • We inspect consumer packaging on items for accuracy in weight and price.
  • We inspect commercial vehicles odometer readings, such as on taxis and ambulances.
  • We inspect retail motor fuel pumps.
A woman inserts a credit card at the fuel pump at a a gas station.