Agriculture / Weights & Measures (AWM) has partnered with the San Bernardino County Museum to educate the public on ways in which they can help save the community’s citrus.  The museum’s citrus exhibit is titled Pulp Culture: A Juicy Tale in the Orange Empire and shares a story of the region’s citrus groves and packing houses.  It also features an interactive packing conveyer belt, where museum attendees can enjoy hands-on learning.

The citrus industry has recently faced serious threats due to fruit pest infestations. AWM plays an active role in promoting and protecting the citrus industry by educating the public about these pests’ importance and how to prevent them. They also help to prevent pests by conducting package inspections at parcel terminals and by trapping for invasive species in high-risk areas of the County. To help prevent the introduction of harmful pests into the state, the public is urged to declare any plant or plant products when they return home from travelling.  

Anyone who has questions on harmful pests is encouraged to call the Agriculture / Weights & Measures office at (909) 387-2105.

For information about the oriental fruit fly eradication project, you may visit CDFA’s website: